FAQ For Runescape World Event 2

The Bird and the Beast

As for the original plan, the world event 2 – Bird and the Beast will end after 20 January 2014. However, based on the Mod Moltare’s answer to the Bird and the Beast, 20th January might not be the last day of world event 2. Let’s see some FAQ about the bird and the beast together.

When will be the ending of the WE2?

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Celsium. The Ice, the Water and the Steam

After an earthquake you found a small piece of ice at an unknown location. In this online arcade game you must help this ice cube to find the exit. You must avoid traps and use different objects to achieve your goal. You can touch the fire to become water or steam so you can fly. Have fun! „Celsium” is our awesome arcade and puzzle game. Your mission in this nice free flash game is to help a piece of ice to reach the exit, having collected all the balls. This game will tell you about the three states of water.

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Top 3 Role Playing Games


The technology keeps on surprising users, but one should not underestimate entertainment and its capacity to keep up with the latest changes. There is no better argument that can convince users other than online games. If you are truly passionate, then you can surely set apart those games that are professionally created and designed by experts from ordinary games. However, if you are just getting started and your gaming experience is not that impressive, here are three online games that currently occupy leading positions on the dedicated market.

The Age of Warring Empire

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