FAQ For Runescape World Event 2

The Bird and the Beast

As for the original plan, the world event 2 – Bird and the Beast will end after 20 January 2014. However, based on the Mod Moltare’s answer to the Bird and the Beast, 20th January might not be the last day of world event 2. Let’s see some FAQ about the bird and the beast together.

When will be the ending of the WE2?

Each phrase of world event 2 is last for 5 days, while the final phrase will last five days plus however long until the next update of the game be released. This means that the world event 2 could be in game until the next update is published so that 20th January might not be the last day of world event 2.


What will you get from WE2?


Firstly, abilities are identical from both sides, which are the same abilities entirely in fact. Unlocking one on one side will automatically unlock it on the other. At the end of the world event 2, the new abilities will be still available as very rare drops from the Bandos and Armadyl GWD bosses.

Secondly, you are able to get armour from the GWD once the event is over.

Thirdly, Jagex is adding a small per-tick chance to gather shards by working on buildings, healing friendly bodyguards/caravans, and divining, so you are also able to get the fragments by completing the construction or destruction of buildings, by driving off an enemy convoy or helping fill a friendly convoy.

Fourthly, same as the Battle of Lumbridge, the end of the world event 2 will also leave a notable mark to the world map and it will be dramatic.

Lastly, there will be a chance that all the rewards from both sides are available for your hard working in the final shop tier in phase 5 instead of phase 7 to help with the dragon token requirement.


What can you look forward after the WE2?


1. The result of a God’s death will not lead to a new training method for Divination, and you can look forward to new ways of training Divination in the future.

2. For your expectation of Zanik, she will not be involved in the whole storyline of world event 2. However, Mod Moltare said that Zanik will definitely have a part to play in runescape, it’s just not her time yet.

3. Jagex will never remove the losing god’s livery and so forth, same as Guthix. Therefore, you are able to remain your alignment in future content.

4. Mod Moltare would like to do a PvM co-op Event at some point in the future. Please look forward.

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