Improve PC Performance while Gaming

Are you new to PC gaming? If so then you would feel a bit complicated. The consoles do not have any upgradable hardware, graphics settings which must be changed and desktop software running in the background. You need to avail the gaming platform on the planet as well as get the best FPS where you would be new to the concept of gaming or want a course.

Each time you launch the game console software would get out. Thereby, it reserves all the possible system resources for the game alone. If you are playing full screen game the Computer’s Software is running background. Web pages, downloads, programs on the desktop are behind the game.

You should easily figure out the programs which would slow things down. If you are downloading big files with a BitTorrent client extracting files from archive encoding video all this would put pressure on the system as well as slow down things dramatically. But if you want to squeeze all resources them you can choose a demanding game, you would like to close non essential applications when you are playing the game.

In order to determine the programs which are using lot of resources, you can use Task Manager. Open it as well as use it to see the applications which are consuming several resources. If the either was higher then you identify applications using lot of RAM or CPU as well as close them. You can tell if the hard drive is breaking up by looking at the light of it. If it has been a flashing a lot then your hard drive is being used heavily. You should give importance to network bandwidth. Network bandwidth is important. In case if ay program on the system is using your network then it could use the output time or the hard drive input. This would saturate the internet connection as well as cause problems in the online games.

Graphics driver is software which is in between the games and graphics card running on the system. You should be updating AMD graphics or NVIDIA drivers which can improve the gaming routine especially in case of new games.  Some of these may even refuse to run if the graphics card is not updated.

Games normally automatically choose the best graphics settings but never works properly always. The older ones do not know as to when did they see the new hardware component The older ones does not know what to do when they see new hardware and may go to lowest settings. Some may also use a high graphical setting and would have low speed.

You could use preset settings which several games offer „Medium,” „Low,” „Ultra” and „High”. However you can twist individual settings. Say for instance your hardware is not meant for Ultra but can be handled easily. In this condition you can choose high as well as increase individual graphics settings.

However if several games are being tweaked then you would realize that there are similar settings in all of them. In case you cannot run a game on maximum graphical settings then you would have to choose settings to decrease.

Each game has a different setting and performs differently so some of these would be more demanding in some. Some of these settings are obvious, like „shadow type” and „texture detail” and enabling detailed textures which would use more memory on the graphics card, while choosing  realistic shadows thereby increasing he work done by the graphics hardware. The „Draw distance” option would increase the distance meaning more objects would be rendered thereby increasing the work done by the graphics hardware and even CPU.

You can play with these settings and see how they are affected by the game performance. Some of these settings would have less impact on performance and others might have more.

Upgrade hardware

You can tweak the software. If you need more performance it has to be upgraded. Various components do various things and the blockage slows down everything depending on the computer.

The graphics card or GPU is crucial part of the performance. Once it has been loaded the graphics rendering is done on GPU. Other work like calculating in-game physics happens on the graphics card. In case you want to increase the performance of graphics card and well as use quality settings in your games, then it has to be upgraded.

There are some games which are CPU enabled meaning that the performance is restricted by the CPU. If it is running full while playing game at different graphical settings then you can upgrade it.

As far as hard drive is concerned the capacity and speed are important.  High capacity one allows to have games installed, while the speed determines the loading time. If you upgrade to SSD then it can speed up things. But they offer less storage capacity.

RAM holds games files after they have been loaded form the hard drive. If there is no enough RAM then the game would be constantly reading data from hard drive. If there is a shortage in RAM then the game would be reading data constantly. More RAM ensures that once the files are loaded from the hard drive they would remain cached and would load more quickly next time when required. Check RAM usage in the task manager. In case while playing the game it is 100% then you would have to install more RAM.

You should have a fair idea of the software running on your computer, graphical settings of each game, current graphics drivers, and the hardware in the system which can be twisted to enhance performance.


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