Moral Choices in Video Games: The Problem of Problem Solving

In Star Trek: The Next Generation – „Thine Own Self,” ship counselor Deanna Troi decides to take the test for becoming a higher-ranking officer of the starship Enterprise. She is required to solve a simulated disaster that would destroy the entire ship and its hundreds of civilian inhabitants.

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Improve PC Performance while Gaming

Are you new to PC gaming? If so then you would feel a bit complicated. The consoles do not have any upgradable hardware, graphics settings which must be changed and desktop software running in the background. You need to avail the gaming platform on the planet as well as get the best FPS where you would be new to the concept of gaming or want a course.

Each time you launch the game console software would get out. Thereby, it reserves all the possible system resources for the game alone. If you are playing full screen game the Computer’s Software is running background. Web pages, downloads, programs on the desktop are behind the game.

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